Who we are?

The Corpus Biblicum Catalanicum is a project of the Associació Bíblica de Catalunya (Bible Association of Catalonia). The volumes are published in collaboration with Publicacions de lAbadia de Montserrat.

Under the auspices of the Associació Bíblica de Catalunya, Armand Puig i Tàrrech, Doctor of Holy Scripture (DSS) and Professor of the New Testament at the Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya is Chairman of the project, whose Director is Pere Casanellas i Bassols, Bachelor in Semitic Philology (Hebraic and Aramaic), Graduate in Theology and former head of the Catalan Language and Literature Department in a secondary school.

The Advisory Board is made up of the following members: Joan Ferrer i Costa (Universitat de Girona), Jaume de Puig i Oliver (Institut d’Estudis Catalans), Albert Soler Llopart (Universitat de Barcelona), Armand Puig i Tàrrech (Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya), president.

The General Overview of the Project has been produced by Armand Puig i Tàrrech in collaboration with Pere Casanellas i Bassols.

The various Standards for Transcription and Publication have been drawn up by Pere Casanellas i Bassols. A number of other contributions thereto have been provided by: Armand Puig i Tàrrech, Jaume Riera i Sans, Andreu Rossinyol, Albert Rossich, Joan M. Furió Vayà, Pere Poy i Baena, Josep Perarnau i Espelt, Josep M. Pujol Sanmartín, Josep Moran i Ocerinjauregui, Joan Santanach, Germà Colón Domènech, Jaume Medina i Casanovas, Anscari Manuel Mundó i Marcet, August Rafanell, Antoni Ferrando Francés, Narcís Garolera, Josep Massot..

The text and the critical apparatus from the Stuttgartiensis Vulgate have been digitised by Josep M. Grané i Altarriba.

The critical edition of the Catalan texts, the redaction of the footnotes notes and introductory studies, and the collation of the vulgates from the Catalan-Languedoc area are being carried out by a team of more than forty collaborators, many of whom are university professors. The names of these contributors are included in the references within the section entitled Published volumes and volumes in preparation. Those collaborators who have already delivered all or part of the work assigned to them are: Asher Binyamin, Jordi Bruguera i Talleda, Núria Calafell i Sala, Carme Capó i Fuster, Pere Casanellas i Bassols, Antoni Coll Casals, Germà Colón Domènech, Óscar de la Cruz Palma, Vicent Josep Escartí i Soriano, Rosa Flotats Crispí, Joan M. Furió Vayà, Marinela Garcia Sempere, Harvey Hames, Gemma Herrero i Blanco, Llúcia Martín Pascual, Jaume Medina i Casanovas, Josep Vicent Niclós Albarracín, Pere Poy i Baena, Jaume de Puig i Oliver, Armand Puig i Tàrrech, Jaume Riera i Sans, Rafael Roca Ricart, Albert Rossich, Andreu Rossinyol, Curt Wittlin.

The critical edition of the texts has been produced using the Classical Text Editor computer programme, designed by Stefan Hegel in cooperation with the Commission for Editing the Corpus of the Latin Church Fathers (Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum, CSEL) from the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Pere Casanellas i Bassols is responsible for the layout.

The concordances and the word indices are prepared by Pere Casanellas with the assistance of the programme Classical Text Editor, developed by Stefan Hagel.

The contents of the CBCat web site have been the responsibility of Pere Casanellas i Bassols. Web design was at first undertaken by Pau Casanellas i Peñalver, but, of late, has been completely restructured from a technical point of view by Xavier López. Initial translation of the texts into English was done by Lou Hevly, whose task has, more recently, been taken over by Robert D. Hughes.

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